Tuesday, April 29, 2014

27 Weeks

27 weeks. Fun things like heartburn, lack of sleep, hip pain, back pain, burps, farts and emotional meltdowns. I wouldn't trade them for my own private beach. I love having them with me 24/7 right now but I'm super excited to snuggle them once they arrive too. In some ways it still doesn't seem real, it almost feels like I am playing pregnant.

As you know I had an impromptu ultrasound this week because of no movement on the right side.. Baby B caused quite a scare! My glucose test was today. My doctor had me fast from 10 o'clock last night until the test at 9 this morning. Both me and the babies were starving!! I drank the lovely orange drink of love after they took my blood and then I waited an hour (20 min sleeping in my car) then they took my blood again. At that point I drove to Wendy's for breakfast. I was so shaky from fasting and then chugging sugar, it took a good couple of hours for me to level back out.

I will have my next ultrasound in two weeks, then another two weeks after that. Then I will have a weekly stress test at the hospital every Tuesday and an ultrasound every Thursday with my OB. Needless to say I will be missing a lot of work and seeing a lot of doctors until the boys get here. My doctor is super cautious and wants to monitor me as much as possible. I'm 100% fine with that! My bump page has been updated

I continue to read all of your blogs but I have sucked at commenting. Please know that I am  praying and cheering for all of my sisters that are still in the trenches! And I'm not just saying that.. I really do.


  1. SO glad that everything went well at your ultrasound yesterday!!! I'm at the doctor's now and just guzzled more of that orange drink- ick!! XO

    1. So yucky.. I got REALLY shaky and sick about 20 min after I drank mine. I hope you feel better than I did.

  2. Thanks for the warning on the orange yuck! Glad you survived and fingers crossed for great results!

  3. I just had my glucose test last week! They gave me fruit punch flavor. It wasn't too bad! I'm sorry you got all shaky! That's no fun!

  4. Hope you passed your 1 hour test! I am sorry you felt yucky 20 min after drinking. I was lucky as I drank mine & had an u/s while I waited the hour. Helped me to forget @ the disgusting drink. I will be 27w this Monday & right there with you on being uncomfortable. Hoping for a smooth rest of our pgs!!!