Monday, March 17, 2014

21 weeks

Today I am 21 weeks. And to celebrate I felt both babies kicking away this morning around 6:30! I feel baby B from time to time because his placenta is on the side, but baby A's placenta is on the front so his movement has been muted. But this morning it was back and forth from both sides of my belly. I am wondering if baby A isn't breach anymore? I just laid there and smiled in the dark. I am so ready to feel them more and more to let me know that they are healthy and growing. We cheat a little and do the weekly bump shots the day before on Sunday because I am already dressed for church (in tab). So don't worry, we have our green on today! I have my bi-weekly appointment with my OB today and he always does a quick ultrasound in the exam room so I'm pretty pumped to see them today. I am also praying that my cervix is still in tip top shape! Our next big ultrasound with the MFM is on April 2nd to get a good shot of my cervix and to see the babies again. I am praying that baby A's Choroid Plexus Cyst has closed as well so that I can stop thinking about it. (even though they told us it was nothing to worry about). Happy Monday everyone!

I have two nanners growing inside of me!!

How far along? 21 weeks

Total weight gain: 26lbs since pregnant - 36lbs since IVF meds

Maternity clothes: Um, yes... except for a few shirts that I can put over a maternity tank. My poor non maternity green shirt is getting stretched to its limit today.

Stretch marks: Not yet - but I'm super itchy today so I'm thinking that I need to lube up more.

Sleep: Last night was the first good sleep that I have had in a while. I only woke up once to go to the bathroom and the other times I kind of woke I went right back to sleep. I am hoping for another night like that tonight. My hips have been in so much pain at night that it wakes me up. I am using a maternity pillow but I don't think that it really helps much.

Best moment of the week: Feeling the babies move more. I am able to feel the occasional outside kick but whenever my husband comes over to feel they are done. Hoping for more the next few weeks!

Miss anything: Sleep... Oh and I am actually missing sex with my husband. The doctor cut us off at 20 weeks. We can't do anything.. Well, ahem.. I could do something for him but nothing for me. :)

Belly button in or out: In but strrrrreeeetttttcccchhhhiiiinnnggg

Looking forward to: Another level 2 ultrasound on April 2nd. The screen is SO clear and I could stare at them for hours!!


  1. Yay for bananas this week! Good luck on your appointment today!

  2. Glad things are progressing well for you!! Fingers crossed that your cervix does as it's supposed to!

  3. So jealous you're feeling the babies so much! I'm still only feeling lots of little flutters/air bubbles!!

  4. So happy everything is going well !! I am jealous with all of your u/s!

  5. So happy for you!! Love that you are feeling them! Praying for your u/s and for good news!

  6. Wow, the size of banana's?! That is big. I'm only 3 weeks behind you, but looks like my little avocado sized guy will double in size soon according to your bananas. I love how it's all about the fruit comparisons. hehe Happy to see everything going well for you!

  7. Yay...glad you're feeling your babes. Happy 21 weeks!