Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Progesterone results

Dr. Sparkle called and my progesterone levels have went from a .02 to a 1.9. I really didn't expect much and I am a little happy that it at least went up but most likely I am having an anovulatory cycle. They still want me to move forward with Clomid if Mr. Lost's swimmers win Gold. If he doesn't have the swimmers that are needed for us to do Clomid and the BD then we will move forward with Clomid and IUI. Emotionally I am doing okay however if I could find the remote control for my life I would definitely press fast forward. He goes in tomorrow for an exam with a urologist and Dr. S will give him the script to head to the lab for a sample. We/he will probably obtain the sample at home and then drive it to the lab because the alternative will "not work" for him (his words). Prayers would be greatly appreciated. I see that people are coming to my page and not commenting so if you could leave a kind word it would really help my spirits right now.
On the running front. Last night mission couch to 5k went pretty good. My new running shoes came in so it gave me that extra motivation to try and break one of my records and I did! I went .87 miles more and 0'43"/mile faster than my average in the past 7 runs. I alternate with run 5 minutes then walk fast 5 minutes... Last night was 5-5-5-5-5-5-2-1.02 so I got three of my 5 min runs completed. I am making progress, slowly but surely (story of my life).
I don't want to keep wishing for time to speed up because I'm sure that I am missing out on other things but I do. I am consumed. Ugh. 

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