Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Long time no post

Sorry friends... It has been a stressful last few weeks. But as of Monday I was 31w pregnant! I have PSD, my pubic bone is separating, my hands, feet, ankles and calves are swollen but I'm okay with it all as long as my boys keep cooking. My husband painted the nursery this past weekend but we still haven't picked out the cribs. He says there is plenty of time.... Could someone remind him that we are having twins please? They will sleep in their Rock N Plays for the first few months so I'm trying not to stress about it. However I do... I just want their space to be done and ready for them. I want to walk in there sit on my gliding chair (haven't got that yet either) and read and talk to them. He is going through another bout of how are we going to make this work so he is stressed. However, I found a work at home job!!!! I will still be doing billing for a Physical Therapy clinic just not the one I am currently with. I will work 10-12 hours from home and from 6-2 on Thursdays in the office. Hopefully my husband will work from home on Thursdays but if not I have a couple people who have offered to watch them. I am planning on starting 8 weeks after they get here.

I will try to keep up weekly moving forward... I'm okay and so are the babies, but thank you to all of you that have emailed and checked up on me.

My bump pictures have been updated!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

28 Weeks

Hello 3rd trimester!! The babies are moving more and I am growing, and growing... I have gained 50 lbs from my pre IVF weight. I no longer have ankles and very square feet. I am praying that these little guys stay comfortable for another 7-9 weeks before they make their appearance. My big baby shower is this Saturday! I am so excited to see everyone there.

I have volunteered for a non for profit group that employees developmentally disabled adults for the last seven years. Last night at the fundraising committee I was blown away by their generosity. They wheeled in the stroller we registered for along with bibs, blankets, a bottle brush, onsies, pacifiers, spoons, wipes and an 80 pack of diapers. AMAZING! My heart was overflowing with gratitude.

My bump picture has been updated...

28 weeks