Monday, October 28, 2013

Lack of posting and stuff

I haven't been posting because I wanted to leave the post up to pray for Holly as long as possible.  I have added the picture her sister made to my sidebar. Please continue to send prayers and positive thoughts to Holly, Darren, Brinly and Jude.

Tonight will be day four of stims. I had a migraine yesterday and remembered once more how worthless Tylenol is. It makes me wonder if children, infertiles going through treatment and pregnant women keep them in business. The Lupron dosage went down when I started the Menopur and Bravelle but I am still not feeling great. I am super tearful and have no energy... so I pray.

There is power in positivity. There is power in his name. So when I don't have the words to say I just say Jesus. His name is prayer. He knows my wants and needs, he knows my heart.

I will have my next appointment tomorrow to see how I am progressing. I am pretty darn sure they are working by the way I feel so we will see if the doctors agree. I am humbled by all of you that have been through this multiple times. This is not for the weak or faint of heart for sure. Every moment of this journey will make me even that more grateful to be a mom.

And my friend that I had you guys pray for a few posts back that has been fighting the C word for the last year. Well, her scans came back clear!!! So happy.

Since the hormones are making me a little off today I will stop writing this all over the place post. Maybe my next post will be a little more organized. But maybe not.


  1. I was wondering when your next appointment was going to be. Side effects from these drugs and be bad sometimes. I think when you go in and see your follicles growing nice and big, it will help take some of the pressure off.

    I am keeping up with your friend Holly and continue to keep her family in my thoughts daily.

    Great news about your friend and being cancer free!!

  2. Hopeful you get a great report at your appointment tomorrow! Wishing you the best!

  3. Praise the Lord on your friend! And totally agree, there is power in the name of jesus!! Amen!!

  4. Such great news for your friend beating cancer.

    Hope your side effects go away soon!


  5. So awesome about your friend!

    I find Tylenol worthless too.

    Fingers crossed!!!

  6. Hope you get a beautiful report tomorrow. The side effects should get better once ur body gets used to the meds. Although I've never taken Lupron.

    Exciting news about ur friend!

  7. Hope your migraine goes away and your body is responding to the drugs. Good luck with your appointment!

  8. So happy for your friend's report!
    Best of luck with your appointment!