Monday, June 16, 2014

34 weeks

Hi ladies! It has been a while since I posted mainly because of some issues at home with my step daughter and I have developed carpal tunnel in both hands so it gets a bit painful to type for too long. I have been training the "new me"at my work so I haven't been able to read others blogs for a while either and it is driving me nuts! I am hoping to get caught up this weekend. My last day of work will be next Wednesday 35w 2 d and I am ready!  My husband will be in Minnesota playing softball this weekend so I am putting myself on bed rest so that they don't try to come while he is gone. My mother in law will be here Friday-Sunday to help with things, whew. Let's do the old format this time. And the bump pictures have been updated.

How far along? 34 weeks!!

Total weight gain: Around 65lbs! Wowzers

Maternity clothes: hahahhahahahahhahahaha. I mean yes and those are stretched to the max

Stretch Marks: I am amazed, but I still don't have any

Sleep: I was waking up at least once an hour due to the pain or to go to the bathroom, but I am taking vistaril which is helping me sleep and slowing down my Braxton Hicks.

Best moment of the week: Well it is only Monday, but last weekend my sister put together both cribs, we did baby laundry and she cooked and took care of me. This past weekend my husband got the dresser and I put the baby laundry away. And the two quilts I made are binded and done! And if I go into labor they will no longer try to stop it. They are almost here!

Miss anything: Um, no pain and no heartburn.. But I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Belly button in or out: In with a little out in the middle.

Looking forward to: I am having weekly ultrasounds and non stress tests.. Next Tuesday at 35 weeks I will get another growth scan to see how big the little booger are. And I am looking forward to my last day at work so that I can get some rest and be careful


  1. So excited for you! I was in your shoes almost two years ago and reading this totally takes me back- what an amazingly special time! I hope everything goes so smoothly for you!

  2. Still looking amazing!! I can't believe you're 34 weeks!!!

  3. You are doing such a fantastic job! Can't wait for the next few weeks to go by :)

  4. Wow, so exciting that it's almost time for their arrival :)

  5. Love seeing your bump pics progress!! So excited for you - how great that you are almost finished with work!

  6. Adorable bump shot. If that is 65 lbs. it's hard to believe. You look fantastic! Such a blessing to have your mom and sister helping out. :)

  7. Getting so close!! Yay!! I think this is going to be my last week of work - you are doing great to have worked so long!! Thinking of you!!