Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Baseline, ready go!

Today is CD2. I had a 41 day cycle last month so it is about damn time. I am going in tomorrow at 11:15 for baseline tests and ultrasound to see what our plan of action is going to be. I am nervous and excited. I am staying positive about this process because what is being negative going to do for me? (the answer is nothing BTW).
 I know for sure that I will be on birth control pills for 2-4 weeks but I won't know if I need the daily shots of lupron yet. Then we will begin the ovarian stimulation phase! Dr. G will individualize my medications to fit me specifically once my test results are in for him to analyze. The perfect cocktail to grow us some perfect eggs! Shots are in my near future. Then I will be ready for retrieval!!!!! Dh will have some alone time at the office and then they will do ICSI to each of the perfect eggs, then I will be praying for some AA embryos. 
There will be a lot of positive thinking, praying and healthy eating going on for the next few months. Along with exercise and meditation. No half assing it from this point on ladies! I am going to sacrifice whatever I need to for my take home healthy baby (babies) . Let's do this!!


  1. Praying all goes smoothly and easily and a sweet baby is on the horizon soon.

  2. I love it. It's amazing how quickly we can get this "lets do this" attitude!! YES!