Monday, September 16, 2013

I don't know where to start

So I keep thinking that AF is here, then nothing. You can look at my chart if you would like on the right side. I am on CD41. This is actually a blessing in disguise because my mom is having her surgery tomorrow so if I start tomorrow then I won't have to leave the hospital for day 2 testing. I can wait a few days, just not another month. My spotting was red at first but has been brown the last few days (TMI). So now I wait. I'm sure you will be on pins and needles waiting to know about my period. Ha!

We applied with ARC and they came back with a rate of 9.9 which sucks. So I am going to call and apply tomorrow with my information to see if it makes a difference. My husband has awesome credit so I'm not sure what happened. We should be able to pay more each month and not actually end up paying that rate but I'm still going to try.

Please keep my mom in your prayers. Her surgery is at 8am Central time tomorrow to remove the cancer. They will be removing over half her stomach with the tumor so recovery is going to be long. I really need her and can't imagine her not being in my life. So give all of the good thoughts and prayers you would have given me to her tomorrow.


  1. I think those companies charge stupid rates regardless. With excellent credit you should have low interest like you do with everything else. I think they take advantage of the situation. Of course I am not a financial planner so I can't say with certainty on that.

    I hope everything goes smoothly for your mom and know your family are in my thoughts.

    1. such stupid rates! And thanks for the good thoughts!

  2. I am thinking of you and your mom! I hope that you can get a lower rate. If it makes you feel any better... I think ours was higher. We ended up opening another charge card because the interest was much lower! One year no interest is better than nothing- even if it goes up after that! FX you can work something out!

  3. I think "Just T" is right :( We have super good credit and when we went with ARC, the only way to get the 3.99% was if you pay it off it like 1 or 2 years or something crazy. I think we went with 5 year plan and it came to 6.99% I think? We paid it off in a year too but we wanted smaller payments just in case something happened. Praying for your moms surgery to go awesome and smoothly!!

  4. Sending prayers and good thoughts to you and your mom today!! xoxo

  5. Hope everything turned out well and ur mom recovers smoothly.

  6. Thinking of your mom and wishing only the best outcome.