Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Costs & Angels

Before I get to my findings I want to talk about kindness and generosity. Two of my blog followers reached out to me with open arms to help me. Both of them brought tears to my eyes and warmness to my heart. This journey through infertility is not an easy one so having other people going through the same thing supporting you feels pretty darn great. Thank you to both of you (you know who you are). You guys are my two favorite people at the moment.
I made my calls to get the prescriptions priced today and there is a substantial difference in the two pharmacies that I called. One pharmacy was given to me by one of the fore mentioned angels above, and the other pharmacy is the one I currently go to for my medications. HUGE DIFFERENCE

CVS = $4,724.53

Bravelle -  $125.99/each x 20 = $2,519.80
Menopur - $132.99/each x 10 = $1,329.90
Lupron - 2 week kit = $337.99
Ovidrel - 1 syringe = $128.99
Crinone - $27.19/each x 15 = $407.85


Bravelle - $57.95/vile x 20 = $1,159
Menopur - $79.95/vile x 10 = $799.50
Lupron   - 2 week kit = $149.95
Ovidrel   - 1 syringe = $119.95
Crinone - $19.86/each x 15 = $297.90
Overnight shipping: $165

CVS is $2,033.23 more! Really??? That is a huge difference and obviously you know what choice we are going to make. I about lost it when I added everything up. Plus the people at Strohecker's also send a Large sharps container, alcohol swabs, all necessary needles and syringes and Q-caps. They also give you a card with the phone number of a pharmacist who is available 24/7 for all questions or concerns. CVS on the other hand was a mess. They couldn't tell me how many viles were in a package or how many Crinone came for the price they quoted. When I asked if they could find out they told me that they would have to order it first then they would let me know. Um, no thanks CVS.
I am currently on cloud nine with my findings. Yes, we are still paying a crap ton of money for a 50% chance of a take home baby. But we are spending 2k less than we would have and I will take it!!


  1. I am so happy that you were able to find the medications for cheaper!

  2. Ok wow that is a huge difference!

  3. Isn't it crazy how one pharm can charge SO MUCH MORE than another for the SAME EXACT meds?!?!

  4. Yahoo for finding it so much cheaper!

  5. Wow! That is super awesome. Another reason this blogging thing is live-saving!! xoxo

  6. There is a great, reasonable compounding pharmacy portland maine Apothecary By Design, they helped me and were soooooooo nice, have great prices and shipping is CHEAP! XOXOX

  7. Wow! That is a huge difference!! Glad u priced them out to get the best for ur money.

  8. I love that you were able to find these meds for less! So so great!

  9. This is GREAT information! Question for you: how do you know if a pharmacy is safe to order from, or is secretly filling your viles with nonsense (or water)? I'm just starting this injectable medication journey and could use all the advice out there!

    1. The pharmacy that I mentioned above was sent to me from another blogger that used them as well. You can also look them up to see if they are legit. This pharmacy has an actual location and is not just internet based. When I called them to check the prices they were very nice and informative, if I were you I would call them once you find out your protocol. Email me and I can help you to determine the good from bad.

  10. Yay! I'm glad you got your meds sorted out. You are one step closer to bringing home your baby. Each hurdle overcome is a step in the right direction. XOXO