Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Digital smiley OPK

Do any of you use the clearblue easy digital OPK? I am pretty sure that my system is too messed up to use them. One month I had "flashing" smiley for around 15 days and it never went solid and then I skipped my period the next month. Then I tested again and got a circle the first day then a solid smiley the next day when I was around day 8 of my cycle, then I went in for a progesterone test and it came back a .02 so um.. didn't ovulate. This month I thought to myself "self, let's try this again". I started testing on cycle day 12 and got a circle, then CD13 flashing and CD14 solid smiley. Today is CD14 and the tester was still frozen on solid smiley from yesterday indicating that it is broken (great). I peed on the stick anyway so that I could look at the lines and the test line is actually darker than the other line. SO what's a girl to do.

I told my husband about my findings this morning but he is about as excited to BD tonight as me. For one thing we are at the stage where it feels like a job (a job that we suck at) and he thinks that we have a zero chance of making it happen on our own so "why try". I told him that we should at least put out the effort tonight and tomorrow night just in case we could get a free baby and cancel our appointment with the RE next month. He quickly changed the subject to something funny and we moved on from our talk. My sister and two nieces will be staying with us tonight as well so that also puts a damper on the already stellar mood so who knows what will happen. I also bought some preseed just to see if it helps keep his low count low motility swimmers alive a little longer.

If he keeps his "why try" mentality tonight there will be tears. Because I of course have the "what if" mentality and would BD every day for two weeks if I knew there was a chance. I guess only time will tell.


  1. When I first starting testing for ovulation I tried the "smiley face" sticks. For me they were to expensive and I never got a darn smiley face. I switched over to the Wondfos because they are much cheaper.

    1. I think I am going to order some from Amazon soon. The stupid strips always tell me that I am ovulating BUT I am not per the blood tests. Not sure what the H is going on.

  2. I always used Wondfos and then when my OPK would look positive I would confirm with a digi. It always worked great for me. I hope you were able to BD and I hope you were past O. The first week of the 2ww was always my fave part of the cycle. BD is done, everything is done, just get to relax, then of course the second week you are going nuts wondering if it worked. *hugs*