Tuesday, July 9, 2013

waiting - change - stupid AF

My husband is going to get blood work this week and then will meet with his urologist next week to go over everything. His semen analysis was faxed over to my doctor and she called me to review it. His actual sperm count is 55.5 million which sounds really great however his mobility is only 10% which takes that amount down to 5.5 million and his morphology didn't even have a number and she wasn't really sure how that happened. I guess we wait again for his doctor to explain the "whys". I am started to get better with the waiting, especially since there is nothing to do this cycle anyway. AF played peek-a-boo for a few days and then this morning WHAM! So once again. Day 1. 

My doctor told me yesterday that due to my husbands results and my issues she is referring me onto an RE. There are two great places locally but I am still reviewing their stats. Of course she also recommended Denver but I'm not sure that is in our budget. This is such a stressful decision because Denver's success rate with IVF for my age is over 70% and it it around 50% locally. So do we bite the bullet and pay extra for that 20%? Or do we go local to start and then go for Denver later? Because "what if" we end up paying more locally because it takes longer and just end up in Denver anyway? I have been adding a lot more to my notebook and I will be making a decision this week.

I have a great job, and my husband has a phenomenal job but money is still going to be an issue if we want to stay comfortable. SO I have started looking for a second job. I currently work in the financial industry but I will probably be looking at a sales position at a clothing store, Williams-Sonoma type of place or Restoration hardware. I may also be cleaning a few businesses a couple nights in the evening as well. Basically I will be working my ever living heart out in order to make this happen!!

Please pray for us, and if you are not a religious person just keep us in your thoughts and send positive vibes our way. 

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