Monday, July 29, 2013


I am on CD21 and I am spotting. I am assuming it is because of my low progesterone but I haven't had bleeding this early in my cycle before. And it wasn't the little bit on the toilet paper bleeding, there are actual spots in my underwear (my nice underwear btw not the ones reserved for AF). I wish that my body could just figure shit out and make it happen. My cycle is usually 31-36 days and per my OPK and temping I ovulated around day 17 (if I ovulated). Dr. Google just make me crazy so I am not even going to ask him today.

I thought that my body had shown me every messed up scenario but I guess she decided to throw something else into the mix. Never a boring moment! I'm glad nobody was in the bathroom while I was in there because I said something colorful when I saw what happened to my nice undies. UGH!!

What do you guys think? Low progesterone? Has this happened to any of you?

UPDATE: brown and less (just on TP)


  1. Do you get a 21 day progesterone check done? Are you on any supplements during your luteal phase to help with your low progesterone?

    1. I haven't had anything checked this month, and we aren't meeting with the new clinic until 8/12 so I am on my own. No supplements.