Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Mom

My mom is currently fighting cancer. She was diagnosed with a GIST (Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor) and has been taking chemo pills to shrink the tumor before surgery. Cancer sucks and has really wore her out, but she is a fighter. Due to this fact I haven't told her about all of the struggles we have been going through. Last night I decided it was time. My mom is very religious and definitely has her ideas about things. 

Mom's advice: 1) Take a trip to Colorado because the high
                             altitude will help you to get pregnant            
                        2) Talk to my cousin's wife who has had seven
                             children and runs the Natural Family Planning at
                             the church
                        3) Don't run anymore
                       4) Relax and it will happen on God's time

I love my mom SO much, but her advice isn't something that is going to help me at the moment. The one part I do however agree with is God's time. God does have plans already written for me and I probably do need to relax. However relaxing alone isn't going to make my husband's sperm swim better and get my progesterone levels up to where they need to be. So I am trusting in God that the RE that we chose is going to help us to figure things out. I am over the tears of frustration and I am over the "poor me" mentality. It is go time and I want to get crap figured out! I have left two messages with a RE in our area and the clinic has yet to call me back which is probably not a good sign. I get that they are busy trying to make babies but really? I will give them to the end of the day today and if still nothing that is the sign I need to go to the other clinic in the area. 

Does anyone have a fast forward button??

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