Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Still waiting

This is day three of waiting to hear back about my husbands swimmers. Patience is not a virtue that I hold and so it seems like it is taking forever. I know for a fact at this specific lab they test the sample within five minutes of receiving it and they only have a few men come in at that specific time. SO why does it take 3-5 days to analyze things? I am originally from a really small town and the reason I am telling you this is to preface the next thing I am about to tell you. I disclosed to my brother this weekend that we were getting tests ran and we were waiting for my husbands results. My brother told me that he knew a guy that took his sample to the local vet because it was a lot cheaper and they look at bull sperm all of the time. Hahhahhaha. Oh, wouldn't that be a story to tell. My brother also said "well we didn't have to worry about makin' a baby" "If there was a puddle of sperm in the bed she could roll over in it and get pregnant". It actually made me laugh because it is my brother, but wow.

Sometimes I have to laugh so that I don't cry through this journey but since I am super premenstrual this week it has been difficult. There has been a lot of "poor me" and I need to snap out of it and soon. I am usually a positive person so the "poor me" attitude is starting to piss me off, and I'm sure my husband doesn't love it either. I am going to relax on the 4th and enjoy my life, and then Saturday when we head to the lake I am going to relax and enjoy nature. So basically I am going to suck it up!

I am also going to be advertising a mini photo shoot where I live so a nice day of photography will really feed my soul with positivity as well. From the words of Gloria Gaynor I will survive!!