Monday, July 8, 2013

Fertility treatments , the Catholic church and WTH

Per one of the Catholic message boards (oh I'm Catholic BTW)

"Clomid is completely acceptable to use. It only regulates your ovulation, which is fixing something that is not working right. The problem with IVF is that it denies the marital act and produces life without love. Clomid does nothing but fix your own system. I have asked many priests about this, and always been told it's ok. We used it to help conceive our son."

BULL-SHIT is all I have to say to the above comment. Or at least the part that says "The problem with IVF is that it denies the marital act and produces life without love". Obviously whover wrote this has not met couples struggling with infertility and wanting to have a baby. There is more love involved in their quest to be parents with IVF than a college girl getting pregnant durning a drunken one night stand.

I loved growing up in the church, and I still love the feeling when I leave mass on Sunday but I am struggling. I feel as if man has made the rules in the church and deemed what is and isn't okay not God. Now that we know my husband's count is extremely low we also know that either IUI, IVF or ICSI is in our near future. None of these are okay with God per the Catholic church. And then if we do IVF or ICSI what do we do with whatever fertilized eggs are left over? Per the church I would have already sinned from doing the procedure and then if we disposed of left over blastocysts ?!?!...  I know that I am majorly jumping ahead but that's what I do when thinking things through. So do I continue to go to the Catholic church and not believe in some of their teachings? Or do we start going to a different church? This is where I am at the moment. I would love to hear if any of you are Catholic and getting these procedures done.

We will move forward in this journey to have a baby together. In my heart I know that God will still love us and will guide our doctors to help us get pregnant. My world is spinning and I just want to be able to stand on solid ground again.

My husband will be getting his full report this week so that we have numbers, mobility and morphology. Since you still need a certain amount to do the IUI we won't know if we need to go straight to IVF until that point. And I'm not really sure what is going on with AF. She showed up each day but the amount was so small I really haven't been able to count any day as DAY ONE. I'm sure that stress and low progesterone has played a huge roll in this. I'm so glad that I love Dr. Sparkle so much because I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of each other.

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