Friday, July 5, 2013


I AM SO EMOTIONAL. No results, but Dr. Sparkles said that she will make sure we have the results on Monday so that I can get started with my Clomid. I have just started this journey and I'm already crying about everything and AF doesn't help. I have been reading so many of your blogs and you are way further into this process and so it makes me feel like a dumb dumb for worrying this much already. I am worried about the Clomid side effects and that the Clomid won't work, and that my husbands counts are going to be low and we will be too late to get prepared for IUI this month or even worse he has NO swimmers. I am worried that at some point I will have to stick the PIO horse shot into my flesh numerous times because needles are tough for me.  I am worried that I will still be blogging two years from now with no baby and about to celebrate my 40th birthday. Worrying helps nothing, I get that but I can't shut it off. So I cry...

Yes, I am Debbie Downer today but hopefully I will be Sherry Sunshine tomorrow.

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