Friday, July 5, 2013

The results are in....

My husband just called me to let me know that he got his results. Per the doctor his count is extremely low, not just low but extremely low. He is going to call on Monday to schedule an appointment to go over the results and get some blood tests ran. It worries me that they didn't give him the number over the phone. So now we wait again for blood results and for the doctor to give him exact numbers. I really wish he would have asked him while they were on the phone, but I am the million questions asker not him. I left Dr. Sparkles a tearful message about what he was told so maybe she can get the exact numbers on Monday for me.

I know Mr. Lost is scared for more reasons than I want to get into and his way of dealing is to shut down and not talk about it. He also has the mentality that things can be fixed, however I know after all of my research that this is not the case. I love him and we will get through this however this was a major punch in the gut. I am not ovulating anyway so I guess it doesn't matter how many sperm he has at the moment.

I am reaching out to you guys so that I don't go crazy with Dr. Google. Are some low sperm counts fixable? Are there hormones he can take? Please help.


  1. I don't know the answers to your question. But I do know that two women I know...their husbands had no sperm. That you cannot fix! But with ICSI and IVF, as long as you have even a few could work. So don't give up hope. Hope the news on Monday isn't as bad as you're preparing for.

    1. Thanks Jessah. My heart hurts at the moment and I am just getting prepared.